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It’s time to take that all-important first step to become a citizen of this county you’ve grown to love. The most significant step is passing the Citizenship test, which we know you want to ace on your first try. We are here to help you do just that with our Australian citizenship practice test.

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The three main steps to getting your Australian citizenship


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The Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond booklet outlines the topics and questions you need to learn for the official test. This includes areas like the people, laws, government, beliefs, and rights as an Australian citizen. You can download a copy online and get started reviewing the content for the test.


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Now comes the hard part … actually preparing for the test. But you can make it a lot easier with an online practice test platform like Free Citizenship Test Australia. Our questions and answers cover all topics you will be tested on. So, get started with a few practice tests to see where you need to improve.


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Start preparing for your Australian Citizenship Test today, and the sooner you can become an Australian citizen. It’s about entering that test centre confident that you have studied everything necessary to pass. Compare the booklet and topics you’ve covered on the free citizenship test practice site, then apply.

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Here’s what you can expect with our tests to help you prepare for the Aussie Citizenship Test.

With Free Citizenship Test Australia, you’ll get ready for the Australian citizen test fast. You’ll learn everything you need to know to pass the test, just by practicing our hundreds of Australian citizenship test questions and studying the explanations and answers. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll be ready to take that next step into your future.

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Whether you have started reading the Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond handbook, you are a complete beginner to studying for the test, or have failed before, you have a chance now to get the results you want. The revision material outlined in our citizenship practice tests and mock exams is perfect for getting you ready in the shortest time possible.

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Current Questions

The requirements for the Australian citizenship test get revised by the authorities yearly. So do our resources and questions to help you prepare to pass the test. Each test area is consistently revised, so you have the most up-to-date information to help you pass the official 2024 test.

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Learn from your mistakes when you get instant feedback on the answers to each question. In addition to learning if you put the right or wrong answer on a test question, you get a detailed explanation so you can better understand the why of the answer and how to apply it to daily living.

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Keeping track of all the topics in the booklet that you need to cover can be stressful. With our practice site, you won’t need to keep track on your own. The progress check on each test, hundreds of test questions, and choosing how to study gives you a better and faster way to prepare.

Made for anyone studying for the Australian Citizenship Test.

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Our citizenship practice test platform has several features to support your individual learning style. Use the test marathon to review all the practice tests questions that you answered incorrectly in the past. This allows you to keep track of the topics and areas you need to pay a bit more attention to.

The online test site is flexible and provides multiple ways to revise so that you’re in the best position to pass your practice test. You can study from any device once you have internet access and have unlimited tries to practice all the tests available.

More effective than the test booklet alone

And just like the real citizenship test.

When a test has a high failure rate like the Australian citizenship test does, then you need all the resources you can get to improve your chances of passing it. Using our practice tests significantly increases your odds of getting the 75% needed to pass the Australia Citizenship Test on your first attempt.

The practice test questions are based on the Booklet. So, you know the Q&As in the practice tests are just what you need to study the right way. So, take advantage of your unlimited access and try our free citizenship practice tests as many times as needed.

The many benefits of our free practice tests

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Our citizenship tests look and work just like the official test. They have a similar number of questions, and the format is just like the real Citizenship test. This means you won’t be surprised by the test format when you sit the real thing.

Hundreds of questions

Know exactly what to expect on the citizenship test when you practice our hundreds of test questions any time of the day. Our Australian citizenship online practice test questions are developed based on the most current citizenship test guide.

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We take the guesswork out of test preparation. The citizenship test practice process is straightforward to ensure you get through all the necessary material to pass the test. Our added resources help with learning and applying the information.

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Each time you select an answer, you get an explanation to help you understand the citizenship test question and answer. This interactive response in practising the test allows you to study at the same time for faster results and better retention.

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The only payment you need to worry about is the fee to apply for your Aussie citizenship. All our Australian citizenship practice tests are free to access and use at will. Simply click to start, choose how you want to practice, and take the tests.

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Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, you can access all our test questions and answers on almost any device. So, feel free to set your own study schedule and try the tests on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet anywhere, anywhere.

Understanding the Australian Citizenship Test

To get Australian citizenship by conferral, you may need to take an interview and sit the Australian Citizenship Test. The test will assess your English language proficiency and what you know about the country and the responsibilities of being an Australian citizen.

The test is a multiple-choice, computerized test in English with results available immediately on completion. It consists of 20 questions which are randomly chosen from a pool of hundreds of questions on the 4 testable areas outlined in the Australian Citizen: Our Common Bond booklet.

You have 45 minutes to complete the test (unless you had requested special exemption for an assisted test, then you’ll get 90 minutes). If you fail the test, you can retake it on the same day, if that’s possible. Or you may reschedule for another day so you can spend more time preparing to try again.

So, choose a test simulation with 20 randomly chosen questions for an Australian citizenship practice Test. We’ll score you based on the real test passing score requirements. Or take on the challenge and have a marathon session of all the test questions in our database.

The Testable Sections of the Citizenship Test

There are four (4) testable sections to the Australian Citizenship Test. Only one section requires that you get all answers correct to pass. Overall, you need a minimum of 75% to pass the tests (including getting all five (5) questions on Australian values right).

1. Australia and its People

Studying for the test requires you to learn about the events that shaped Australian history. You’ll need to study the 6 states and 2 territories and the symbols and traditions that are unique to being an Australian.

2. Democratic Beliefs, Rights & Liberties

A key aspect of being an Australian citizen is respect for differences and choices. You’ll need to learn about and answer questions on the everyday beliefs and rights that shape Australian society and culture today.

3. Government & the Law

You will get questions on the judicial and legal systems of Australia. This means knowing about the system of government, how laws are developed and passed, and the systems responsible for administering these laws.

4. Australian Values

This section was recently added to the citizenship test, so you need to make sure you have the most current booklet when studying. The values section has 5 questions. You must answer all 5 correctly to pass the test.

Don’t think you’re ready for the real test until you can pass our practice tests.

Reading and rereading the Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond booklet can only take you so far. You need actual test experience to make sure you’re not surprised on test day, and that you’re getting as much practice as possible.

Practice cannot be doing the same set of questions each time. (The Home Affairs Office has only 1 set of citizenship practice test questions.) You need to get randomized questions like what happens with the official test and a larger pool of sample questions to practice.

Now, passing your citizenship test just got that much easier with us. And best of all, it’s absolutely free to get started and study to become an Aussie citizen.

We can help you pass your Australian citizenship test

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Knowing what to prepare, where to find the resources needed, and the best ways to practice for the test makes the difference in whether you pass or fail. With us, we’ve given you all the tools and resources needed to help you pass on your first attempt. As long as you put in the work, and make use of all our practice test questions, you will significantly increase your odds of passing the test.

Learn all the testable content from the new test booklet.

Australian Citizenship Test Practice, Tips & Tutorials

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Our practice test questions and additional resources can help you learn and understand what you need to pass the test. We cover all the questions in the handbook. They are also phrased in all the ways that the question may appear on the test. So, no surprises and you’re ready to answer any and all questions they may ask you. You have unlimited access until you’re ready to sit the test so make use of it.

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