Guidelines for Studying for the Australian Citizenship Exam

Preparing for the Australian citizenship exam is a common practice among those aiming to become citizens. Yet, despite extensive preparation, many individuals find it challenging to pass the test.

It's natural to feel anxious before the real exam, as it plays a significant role in determining whether you will achieve citizenship.

Therefore, it's crucial to organize your study resources and strategize on how to be fully prepared for the Australian citizenship test day.

Relax! This article is here to help. We'll be sharing detailed advice on how to effectively study for the forthcoming Australian citizenship exam!

Solve the tough questions with ease

Initially, tackling the question and answer section of the exam might seem daunting, particularly if you're unfamiliar with the content likely to appear on the test.

Should you encounter a set of questions as particularly difficult, it's advisable to allocate additional time to them. Reading through the study guides can also provide you with a deeper understanding of the material. The citizenship test is segmented into three sections.

We strongly recommend that you engage in more practice tests to assess which sections challenge you the most, allowing you to focus your study efforts on those areas.

Study materials and resources required for the Australian citizenship examination

Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond is the official government study guide for the Australian citizenship examination. To prepare for your test, focus on the sections of this guide that are applicable to the exam.

The guide is divided into four sections: Part one explores Australia and its inhabitants; Part two delves into Australia's democratic principles, values, and freedoms; Part three examines the Australian government and legal system; and Part four focuses on the core values of Australia.

Each section is designed to assess your understanding of Australia for the parts that will be tested.

It's impossible to predict which questions will appear on the test. Therefore, it's advisable to familiarize yourself with and study the entire section that is applicable to the exam.

The study guide contains a wealth of information, which might seem daunting at first. However, there are proven strategies for studying effectively for the Australian citizenship test.

Applicants for citizenship who will take the test on or after November 15, 2020, will be taking the latest version of the Australian citizenship test, which is based on the updated study guide, Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond.

Here are some of our detailed study tips to help you prepare effectively for the forthcoming Australian citizenship examination

Step 1

We recommend that you go through the testable section completely without the need to memorize anything. The goal is to give you a broad understanding of what the test covers.

Step 2

This stage is about figuring out if it's best for you to study each chapter individually to understand the exam material.

You might not feel the need to memorize the entire book at once.

The approach here is to first tackle Chapter 1— focusing on Australia and its inhabitants, and then move on to the first practice exam.

This advice also applies to the later chapters. It's important to grasp the context of the testable sections. Memorizing them might lead to forgetting them during the test due to stress.

Step 3

After you're confident in your understanding and have reviewed all three chapters, you'll move on to practice exams. These practice exams are exact replicas of the official computer-based Australian citizenship test.

They follow the same layout and structure, with questions from each chapter timed at 45 minutes, similar to the real Australian citizenship test.

Therefore, these practice exams and chapter tests are highly beneficial as they prepare you to identify the right answer for any question you might face in the real exam.

Remember that the citizenship test is a multiple-choice test, with three possible answers for each question. The options might be very similar, making it difficult to select the correct one.

The day before your exam, we recommend that you take a break and stop studying. It's important to relax and give your mind a rest.

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