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Learn everything you need to know to become an Aus citizen with the free citizenship test questions and answers that are just like the real thing.

  • Unlimited practice tests to prepare you to sit your test with confidence knowing you're fully prepared
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Want a faster way to study for your Australian citizenship test? One that has helped others to pass on their first attempt? Take our free practice tests and quizzes to see how ready you are and see how easy it is to study to pass the test.

The 3 Steps to Passing Your Aus Citizenship Test With Us

Step 1
Know the Topics

Download the Australian Citizenship Our Bond handbook and get an idea of all the topics you need to cover for the test.

Step 2
Practice, Practice, ...

Start with our online practice tests to quickly go through, study, and review, and learn the content for the test.

Step 3
Take the Mock Tests

Check how ready you are for the real test with multiple mock exams designed to be just like the official test.

Why Persons Choose Us

We're a different kind of test practice site when they're ready to become an Australian Citizen

Simple information

We've designed our free practice test platform to offer informative and straightforward information that's easy to interpret and understand.

Easy to use

It doesn't matter what type of smart device or computer you use. Once you have internet access, it's a simple click to get started practising.

Many free resources

In addition to the online practice tests, we offer many other free resources to help you prepare the right way to pass your citizenship test.

Proven record

It's been scientifically proven that practice tests that are like the real thing increase exam pass rates. We'll help you get to that stage.

What makes Free Australian Citizenship Test Unique

Helps increase pass rates


The Australian Citizenship Test can be difficult to pass. We make sure to provide all the resources along with the practice test questions to help increase the chances that our users will pass their Aus Citizenship Test on the first try.

It's All Free


Yes, everything to help you study, prepare for, and pass your Australian Citizenship test on our website is free to access and use. Here, you'll find all you need to study and practice under the same portal waiting for you to try them.

Study at your own pace


You can study however best suits you because the content is accessible at any time and anywhere. So, grab your favourite device and start practising today with more test questions and detailed explanations than most to pass your test.

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